Designed Flavins for Catalysis

Tailor-Made Catalysts - New Reactivity - Selective Editing

Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 325                                   Assembly Controlled Chemical Photocatalysis (Project B7)

Our group is part of a diverse consortium of research groups linking together synthetic chemisty, spectroscopy, protein design, and theory. Within this network, we are very excited to start exploring the properties and applications of photochemically excited molecular flavin catalysts in challenging organic transformations.

If you are interested in joining our team as a PhD student, please let us know! For questions regarding the research project or more detailed information in general, please contact Golo ( directly. Full applications typically include a letter of motivation, a CV, and contact information of two references (ideally in English). Please send these documents to directly and refer to "Project B7 - Storch Group". We are looking forward to hearing from you!